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morsi. he welcomed me to his presidential palace in cairo. and i toured the city's famous tahrir square, where the arab spring demonstrations changed the course of history. i stood in tahrir square days ago, the symbol of the revolution was largely deserted. it looked very different two years ago, during those intense days leading up to the overthrow of the egyptian president, hosni mubarak. tanks and armored vehicles, and snipers all over the place. hundreds of egyptian protesters killed. and then it was over. the arab spring had come to egypt. those were days of high optimism. i was in egypt with secretary of state hillary clinton a few weeks after the revolution. we walked around tahrir square with little security. egyptians were thrilled to see her. i remember the near euphoria when she went to the nearby u.s. ambassador to thank the american diplomats for all their hard work during those difficult days. >> madam secretary, what do you think about tahrir square? >> well, it was very exciting and moving for me to go to tahrir square and have some sense of what those amazing days must
by their leader mohammed morsi. here is more on that story. >> violence on the anniversary of one of the bloodiest days of the egyptian revolution. the tear gas was so intense it covered downtown cairo with plume of smoke. protesters are still angry with a police force that still has not changed it's ways and has not pulled back, and pulled a journalist hostage until activists were able to take him to hospital. the mean opposition blocked the president's invite. >> cenk: so we've had riots, 52 people killed. we had 178 arrested recently. those are protesters. now the curfew, and the basically marshal law affects three provinces in egypt. it is a nightly curfew and allows for military arrests of civilians. these are exactly the civil rights that they fought for. there was an attack for three state hours and no security showed up. that is fascinating. they sent out tweets saying sos if anyone knows anyone in military or police or government please send help. january 28th, egypt but no such help was sent for over three hours. in fact, they were eventually rescued by protesters. isn't that interesting
>> as a people have been killed in egypt over the past several days, and morsi has responded with a state of emergency. >> in berlin, morsi insisted the measures will not be permanent. he also said he will not work with the opposition and set up the unity government. >> one of his main aims is to secure financial assistance from one of egypt's most important trading partners, but while reviving a sluggish economy is a high priority, so is proving his democratic credentials to his western partners. he said he would push forward with democratization. >> egypt will be a state that tolerates different and opposing opinions with peaceful transfers of power and a democratic state with everything that entails. >> merkel said she was concerned about the political violence in egypt and said dialogue was key. >> political forces can make a contribution. human rights have to be respected in egypt, and that applies most importantly to the protection of religious freedom. >> two more people died in cairo on wednesday in clashes between police and demonstrators. the death toll has now reac
democratically elected president, muhammad morsi, faces his own challenge. here is a live shot from the tahrir square, where thousands are gathered. it has been a tumultuous two years for egypt, marked by political infighting, protests, a deepening economic crisis. critics of president morsi 1 radical change to egypt's new constitution. we can cross live now to cairo to our correspondent. it is the two-year anniversary. one might think that would be cause for celebration, but it seems the mood is different where you are in tahrir square. >> yes, it is. president morsi called for today to be a day for egyptians to come together in celebration, but it is a different scene in tahrir square. let me show you friday prayers a short while ago. the numbers are into the thousands. if you look up that street leading towards parliament, there have been clashes over there. we have seen tear-gas fired in the last hour or so. president morsi was calling for celebration, but a lot of these people are angry because the dreams they had two years ago they do not feel have been realized, equality of wealth and s
morrissey -- mohammed morsi and his muslim brotherhood. he announced a state of emergency in three areas. >> they have asked all egyptians to express themselves peacefully. >> on monday, cairo saw yet more street battles between protesters and street forces -- security forces. tension is high after the weekend cost deadly violence. the situation has been further polarized -- the weekend's deadly violence. the situation has been further polarized by the state of emergency. dozens of people were killed. president mohammed morrisse -- t morsi gave the soldiers power to arrest citizens. he made a plea for active -- national dialogue, but said he will protect public and private property. demonstrators took to the streets elsewhere in egypt on monday. imports i need, hundreds ignored -- import -- in port said, hundreds ignored the curfew. >>, chrissie in egypt will only work through dialogue. only -- >> democracy in egypt will only work through dialogue. >> right now, there is no sign of that. first, morsi must accept responsibility for the latest lead shed. >> -- bloodshed. >> the opposition
president morsi and defying the emergency measures he in post to end five- days of violence. the main opposition group has rejected president morsi's call for dialogue. in fact, the army chief is warning egypt is being pushed to the brink of collapse. this report. >> the suez canal, looking so tranquil and unaffected. but the cities on its bonds have become the focus of egypt's turmoil. suez itself has had a state of emergency imposed and troops have been deployed after the deadliest periods of protest since the revolution two years ago. suleman is one of the many grieving for those lost in the violence. his son, ali, was shot in the stomach as he and a group of friends were to join the demonstrations against president morsi. i keep thinking of him laying in a hospital bed, he says. i pulled a sheet from his face, praying he might wake up. and i hugged him and hug him. he urged those thinking of going out to protest again to consider the parents of a leave devastated if they died. even though the president announced the curfew here, we found opposition supporters planning to defy it a
and continues to arm and train the emanagement. morsi wants the deal that mubarak. he would support the foreign policy the peace treaty and help with the radicals and in return, we have hands off of domestic politics and concerns about political and social injustice and lack of economic opportunity for his people while we continue that aid. that simes to be the path we are on now with morsi . i believe if we continue the aide, it would be condition based so that we have a say about the things that morsi is doing and the actions that he's taken. >> some believe that morsi's regime distanced itself from washington and morsi who is it the first egyptian leader to visit iran since the 1979 revolution shouldn't be concerned. israel, i mean. >> uma, we are not giving aid to the morsi government or the morsi regime or muslim brotherhood. we'll give aid to the officer core and egyptian of military. they will say what you will, it is not killing its own people. it played a positive to push mubarak under the bus when it was time for him to go. the egyptian military is it only pillar of political stabilit
reads, no morsi, free egypt, free palestine. no america. last september, anti-american protesters scaled the walls and burning the american flag. president obama had to personally phone president morsi to get the egyptian military and police finally to stop the assault and protect the american staff. security is very tight at the embassy now. >> come on over here. you can see -- we can walk over, you can see the barricades outside the embassy and if you take a look, right behind those barricades you can see the american flalg flying on the u.s. embassy grounds. it's a huge complex over there. it's one of the largest u.s. embassies in the world. you can see more barricades over here. we're only, what, half a block or so from tahrir square. we're heading over there right now. i went back to tahrir square with cnn's ian lee who is based in cairo and covered the revolution. >> about 60 yards, 70 yards, you have the embassy this way. >> there were folks still living in tents but there was no traffic and few protesters. ian, give me a little tour of tahrir square because we're going to walk ar
tax, at the time with mubarak and the current president morsi is hardly someone demonstrated he's committed to keeping peace with israel. i want to take a moment and remind our president before he delivers the remaining parts of the deal to morsi, exactly who he's dealing with, mohammed morsi is a muslim brotherhood member, a 9/11 truther, called the israelis descendents of apes and pigs and called them vampires and killers and stands with the palestinians and told an iranian news agency he'll reconsider the camp david accord and pushed through a sharia focused constitution and one more thing, mr. president, he called you a liar and america the enemy. here with the reaction of the troubling story former new york mayor rudy guiliani. you know the first questions that come to my mind are, why would anyone give these planes when they likely will be used to attack israel? >> it's hard to figure out exactly what else they could be used for. explain to me where egypt is threatened. egypt is not threatened by saudi arabia, egypt is not threatened by iran. egypt is not threatened by rus
in the north. egyptian president morsi has declared a month-long state of emergency following deadly protests around the second anniversary of the egyptian revolution. thousands have taken to the streets to mark the ouster of hosni mubarak and to press their new demands on morsi's government. at least 49 people have been killed in five days of unrest. the state of emergency applies to three cities in the suez canal. a large crowd of demonstrators remained camped out in tahrir square in protest of morsi's government. seven people have died in the latest fire at a garment factory in bangladesh. witnesses say workers were forced to jump from windows to save themselves after managers locked an exit. the seven dead victims were all women, and were reportedly crushed to death as they tried to escape. it was the latest deadly fire at a bangladeshi garment factory since a blaze that killed at least 111 workers at a plant that made goods for walmart in november. in a statement, a coalition of international libor rights groups called on major retailers to improve safety at garment factories, saying --
tonight. egypt's president, muhammad morsi delivered the angry edict last night. he's hoping to prevent the fledglingly democracy from spinning out of control. we have more from cairo. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. egypt's president mohamed morsi delivered a stern and angry warning in an address to the nation. the president declared a state of emergency in three of the country's largest cities in the eastern particular partly suez. he's also imposing a curfew to try to help restore security in those cities that have seen the most intense fighting. the military has been deployed in some of those cities and asking for more power. the ability to arrest civilians. that's is going ring alarm bells among many human rights activists. here in cairo protests continued for a fourth straight night between riot police and demonstrators bent on trying to get president mohamed morsi to resign from power and more importantly cancel a constitution that's been widely considered as controversial. nonetheless the president is pushing ahead with meetings today in the presidential palace.
all forms of aid that are being extend today egypt and a lot of it should depend on mr. morsi's behavior. >> it's consistent with what we found out is actually this administration's foreign policy, the foreign policy is, what difference does it make? >> illegal immigration bad for america, and the fact is we have 11 million people in this country more or less that are undocumented and i don't know anyone that's happy about that. >> iranian police first arrested the pastor in 2009 for spreading christianity and abdeane says the iranian government prognosis promises and agreed. and she says she was blind sided by her husband's current arrest, he was arrested for attempting-- >> dead reported there was no girlfriend and that manti te'o was part after hoax and he was the victim even though he stuck to it even after learning of hoax. >> girl i committed myself to died on september 12th and now i get a call on december 6th and saying that it's a lie and i'm going to be put on national tv later and ask the same questions. what would you do? >> all that and much more ahead, b
. in weeks, president mohammed morsi is leading an effort to get the sheikh out of prison, where he is serving life. we have a member of the house homeland security committee, congressman king. i am sure you remember that day in 1993, when a guy drove a van into the world trade center garage, blew it up. six people were killed. thousands were injured. now they want to let him out? >> yeah. it was 8 killed in that first attack in 1993. and the subsequent attack, many more were killed. all of us have memories of that first attack in 1993. the blind sheikh was the architect, the evil genius, whatever you want to call him. in may or june, morsi was giving his inaugural speech he said he wanted the blind sheikh released tomp this day, the administration has never formally denied t. they have said there is no ongoing talks, there are no plans to release him or to transfer him. the easiest way to end this, the easiest way to end this is to clearly, the president of the united states should say that the blind sheikh is going to die in an american president. that leaves an ambiguity and crea
taste this soup. >>> as deadly protests in egypt continue for a fifth day mohammed morsi has declared a state of emergency and a curfew for three cities engulfed in violence giving the police authority to make arrests at will in an erie reminder of the mubarak ear wra. the protests began last thursday just before the second anniversary of the uprising that brought morsi to power and the intensified after a court sentenced 21 soccer fans to death for their role in a riot last year. nearly 50 people have died since the protests began. joining us now from cairo is nbc news foreign correspondent ahman mojadin. this is obviously want the first time there's been a state of emergency called since president morsi has taken power. what's your read on the situation? is this exetch lear of greater unrest inside the country? >> really it's a highlight of two important things. one, the security vacuum that now exists in egypt, but more importantly, the political climate that has this country divided. it's important to emphasize that since the revolution, police have really struggled to gain securi
bombs at riot police. police in turn fired tear gas into the crowds who oppose president mohammed morsi and his islamist dominated government. >> what's happening here in the country is really shameful. destroying the city is not fair. but at the same time the way the police treat people makes tensions heavier because all decisions by morsi's government have been taken out of the public interest. >> brown: security officials said a man described as a by-stander was killed by a gunshot. it was unclear who fired it. and government tanks were on the streets in the cities of suez and port said. they enforced a curfew that an angry president morsi announced last night. >> to end the bloodshed, to maintain security against vandals and law breakers and for the protection of citizens, i have decided after referring to the constitution to announce the imposing of the state of emergency in port said, suez, and islamiya for 30 days. >> brown: the trouble began last week as the country marked the two-year anniversary of the uprising that ousted president hosni mubarak. protests on friday turned vio
the biggest challenge yet toz mohamed morsi's government. let's go to cairo for the latest. >> reporter: it is mohamed morsi's biggest test as president of this country. on one hand, an increasing security vacuum across the country, on the other, a political crisis with the country's political parties. tonight, in an address to the nation, he delivered a strong warping. even burying the dead in egypt is now deadly. today in port sayyid, a day after 37 people were killed in protests, thousands walked to mourn them. the grief and prayer turned into fear and chaos. this amateur video, which we couldn't independently ver, if i reportsedly shows the moment the clashes with police turned deadly. meantime, as thousands mourned in port said, others fought in cairo, alexandria and suez. tonight, the country's embattled president, mohamed morsi, addressed the nation, declaring a state of emergency and imposing a curfew in the cities with the worst fighting. the country's powerful military is back on the street guarding government buildings recently attacked by protesters. and the military wants m
. in an effort to calm the situation, egyptian president mohammed morsi declared marshall law in three cities. angering supporters and opponents alike. >> "he came out, mohammed morsi, and instead of condemning the bloodshed, he had emergency -- [ inaudible ] that the muslim brotherhood were fighting again." >> in a tv address sunday night, morsi defended temporary emergency law. which is eerily similar to the one imposed on the egyptians during the three tect rule. former strong man hosni mubarak. >> to end the bloodshed, to have security against vandals. and for the perception of citizens, i have decided after referring to the constitution to announce imposing of the state of emergency. >> stagnant economy in a divided political environment, egyptians are frustrated with the slow pace of reforms. increasing theyly complain morsi and the ruling muslim brotherhood party halftimeed thhijackedrevolution and are img islamic dictatorship. >> morsi called on the opposition to engage in national dialogue. the offer was quickly rejected leave nothing clear route to ending the turmoil. bret? >> bret:
of dealing with president morsi have been a very, very wise course and i think we have seen that particularly in light of the events that occurred around the attack on the american embassy in cairo during the same time there was an attack in benghazi. and by and large this strategy of accepting morsi as president is the only way america can go in this reward. we can't afford to lose another country to the islamists, and we did with iran in 1979. however, the only thing i am able to say, and i think secretary kerry is probably going to be very aware of this situation. there is a perception in the entire region that the american government is very comfortable with the islamists, that it has made a deal with the muslim brotherhood to allow them to come to power, and hence this is making the opposition feel that they have been betrayed by the americans who have always stood in favor of secularist ideas. so the only thing i would say to secretary kerry is it would be important to stand up to morsi when he crosses the line, and he certainly has done so. >>
been killed in a demonstration. all this on the day president morsi said he wanted to be a day of peaceful celebration. there were signs early on it could turn violent. this is not what the revolution aries imagined. two years on, instability, violence, and division. in tahrir square, we saw clashes with police and protesters. huge crowds filled the square after friday prayers. opposition supporters been betrayed -- feeling betrayed that the goals of the revolution were not realized. they are calling for the new president to go. mohammad morrissey and the muslim brotherhood preside over a country where huge splits have been exposed between islamists and levels. they had promised a country where all the egyptians would prosper. >> morsi and his brother who are the same as mubarak. it is exactly the same thing. >> there is not any change. not anything happened. just words. >> the revolution took the cover off so we could see everything bad. now we have time to correct it. we have to correct it. we will correct it. >> it is not just cairo. people took to the streets in other citie
cities for the first time since president mohamed morsi came into office. but that didn't slow down protesters in cairo. we've gotten word there are protests taking place outside of the parliament building so we're heading in that direction. all along the way on the side streets we've taken to get to the front lines because of the police barricades there are dozens of protesters walking in the same direction. this is how quickly a situation goes from being a calm protest to an explosive and potentially violent one. here emotions are running high. young men chanting against the government. and the muslim brotherhood. they accuse them of betraying egypt's revolution. their anger often turns violent once they see the police. we made it to the front lines of the clashes between the protesters and police. this is a government building set on fire as a result of the clashes. it is this type of chaos that has many people across the country extremely afraid of the volatile situation. one that has plunged egypt into deeper turmoil two years after its unfinished revolution. against the backdr
mohyeldin is with us. >> reporter: a state of emergency has been declared following president muhammad morsi's announcement. it has been a step that many people here would not have imagined two years after the fact. now it comes on the heels of four days of very intense fighting between police and protesters. in fact, egyptian military has been also deployed in the cities of suez. the protesters, those who have been participating, have been angry about the slow transition of democracy. they're asking president muhammad morsi to cancel policies. he's holding talks with the members of the opposition. the members of the opposition say they will not participate unless president morsi is serious about resolving this conflict. >>> hundreds of families in brazil are mourning lost loved ones after a nightclub went up in flames killing a staggering 232 people. officials believe it was caused by a pyrotechnic display. the club's single exit was partially blocked by victim's bodies. it carries haunting similarities to a nightclub fire in 2003 that killed 100 people. >>> now to a dramatic rescue. a heli
in a demonstration. all this on the day president morsi said he wanted to be a day of peaceful celebration. there were signs early on it could turn violent. this is not what the revolution aries imagined. two years on, instability, violence, and division. in tahrir square, we saw clashes with police and protesters. huge crowds filled the square after friday prayers. opposition supporters been betrayed -- feeling betrayed that the goals of the revolution were not realized. they are calling for the new president to go. mohammad morrissey and the muslim brotherhood preside over a country where huge splits have been exposed between islamists and levels. they had promised a country where all the egyptians would prosper. >> morsi and his brother who are the same as mubarak. it is exactly the same thing. >> there is not any change. not anything happened. just words. >> the revolution took the cover off so we could see everything bad. now we have time to correct it. we have to correct it. we will correct it. >> it is not just cairo. people took to the streets in other cities. demonstrators attacke
mohammad morsy, who won election last summer after hosni mubarak fell and opponents say he took away freedom. tear gas was used to push back hard line protestors who threw gas bombs and firecrackers at police. pro democracy demonstrators were more peaceful marching in cities across egypt, they say morsy is a president for muslim brotherhood supporters, not everyday egyptians. this opposition leader says we reject the muslim brotherhood state and want a dignified life. protestors accuse propersy of pushing through an islamist agenda. this man says revolution is not for reinstruction, we want future generations to be happy. morsy supporters stayed off the streets friday to avoid violent clashes. but they called protestors un'demmic, saying -- undemocratic using rallies to push out people they elected. >>> the egyptian failing economy is fueling anger, the egyptian pound is at its lowest level against the dollar in eight years. >>> president obama has just selected his chief of staff. we understand the person is dennis mcdonogh, currently the president's top national security aide. mcdo
en route to egypt as part of a foreign aid package, that means it going to egyptian president morsi, you know, the guy who is a 9/11 truther who called america's allies, israelis apes, the one who is a member of the muslim brotherhood. details next with senators barrasso and ron johnson. a woman who i go dietedgnited a wave of questions, the champion shooter. red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeƑo shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently. just $11.99. offer ends soon! as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insu
a day of violent protest it is, leaving 60 dead. muhammad morsi has declared a state of emergency, allowing the police to arrest and detain suspects indefinitely without any charges, the same tactic that mubarak used to crush the protest against him. we know how well that worked out. president morsi's opcisions is fighting to keep moderates and liberals out of the government. with 80 mill qlon people, egypt has the population of iraq, saudi arabia and syria combined. it plays a huge role in peace talks between palestinian leaders and the israel government. the united states gives egypt's military more than $1 billion every year. our -- what do we make of the marshal law? has that been imposed? >> reporter: gretchen, that warning from the defense minister, raising a lot of eyebrows and echoing a lot of concerns about egypt right now. there have been several days of ongoing protests and violent riots. muhammad morsi instituted marshal law on sunday night, defending the law. he has gone into three city, including suez, a major hub. morsi defended it, saying it was necessary, but it i
against the u.s. dollar despite financial authorities tried to hold it from sliding. mohamed morsi expects that it will stabilize. >> political turmoil has sent worried egyptian scrambling to change their currency into pounds and dollars. they are imposing controls on how much cash can physically be carried out of the country. >> the latest attempt to stabilize the currency has had little impact on it slide. beside reserves in its currency auction, the egyptian pound falling to a new low. the currency have been losing value since the unrest began. two major factors are a drop in tourism and in foreign investment. many egyptians fear their cash will continue to fall in value causing a run on a changing the pound for dollars or euro. president mohamed morsi says it should stabilize soon and the central bank is warning they could run out of central bank currency reserves. egypt is still waiting for an imf aid package. >> we hope the talks with the international monetary fund will continue in january. the government will ask for a resumption in loan negotiations. >> until then, the central ban
that was formed by president morsi. they have completed the report looking into the crimes of the new revolution. the office to protect the resolution -- revolution was formed. the office is promising to look into the crimes, drinking in this important report. authorities -- bringing in this important report. the contents of the details of the report have not been made public yet. >> thank you. the government in mali says 11 people have died and 60 have been injured since it launched a military offensive against rebels. one french pilots have died and another is missing. this is our report. >> this is the mauling -- malian capital. fighting continued for a second day. they are trying to ensure the security of french nationals in the city. the rebel advance has been halted. the government committed to supporting the malian army. it is threatening the whole of western africa. islamic law in the country managed to push back malian troops. sources told al jazeera that rebels have their eyes set on a town that will and the control of an airport. many had been waiting for the economic community of wes
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 448 (some duplicates have been removed)